Top 5 Best Watches for Pawning in Mesa Arizona

Top 5 Watches for Pawning in Phoenix AZ
Pawning some things can be a good way to generate some extra cash, whether you have fallen on tough times or you just want to clear out some clutter and make a few bucks in the process. If you own a nice watch, you may be able to make a lot of money by pawning it at a Mesa Arizona pawn shop. Watches are some of the most commonly pawned and purchased items because they are items that everyone needs but can also be a decorative accessory.

If you have one of the top name brand watches, you can make even more. Here are the top 5 best watches for pawning if you live in the Mesa area:


Rolex is the Rolls Royce of watches. Rolex watches are known for their superior craftsmanship, netting them thousands of dollars per sale. If you own a genuine Rolex watch, you can make top dollar for it at a PHX pawn shop. The key is ensuring that it’s genuine. Because there is so much money to be made from these watches, there are so many fakes in circulation. Make sure you have the paperwork to back up your watch’s authenticity.


Movado watches are also considered luxury watches, but they can be purchased for the hundreds of dollars, not the thousands – though there are higher-end models in that range, as well. The distinguishing feature of Movado watches is their sleek design. The numberless faces feature a single diamond or other stone at the 12 o’clock mark. If you are looking to pawn watches in Mesa, a Movado could get you top dollar at a pawn store.

Tag Heur

Tag Heur combines the look of a luxury watch with rugged and sporty designs. They look just as comfortable on the arm of a businessman as they do with a blazer and jeans on a night out on the town. The face often features multiple clocks or a date dial. Bringing in a Tag Heur to a professional pawn shop can net you a nice payday.


Omega watches are precision instruments. They feature ticks along the dial for seconds and even nanoseconds. There are multiple dials on many of the watch faces, including one for the date. The design features top-quality materials and construction, ranging from everyday materials like leather to high-end materials like gold and platinum. Omega watches fetch top prices at pawn shops, so bringing in an Omega can send you home with a lot of green.


Fossil has a reputation for quality, as well as style. Fossil has a wide range of styles, from more sporty looks to luxury lines. For as stylish as the watches are, they are also made with the best craftsmanship.
It’s the perfect marriage of quality and fashion. Fossil watches are in top demand at Arizona pawn shops. Pawning one or two can help you pay a few bills or maybe even finance your next watch.

If you are looking to pawn watches in Mesa Arizona, Private Pawn is worth checking out. Private Pawn buys some of the top name brands in watches and offers some of the best pay outs.
Whether you choose to pawn an item for a short-term loan or you just want to sell it outright to get the cash, you can complete the process in minutes. You’ll get the cash you need and perhaps unload a piece of jewelry that you no longer want or need. Take a closer look at your watch collection to find what you can part with now to rustle up the cash you need.

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