If You Haven’t Heard of the Mido Brand of Watches You Are Missing Out

When speaking of trendy watches, one name you need on your list of quality brands is Mido. The Swiss company has a proud history of making high quality watches that are still bought and loved by watch collectors today. Although there many watchmakers in this industry, they are still a premier company, with many innovations that paved the way for companies such as Citizen.

Mido began their company in 1918, and immediately began producing art-deco inspired watches. Started by Swiss watchmaker and founder Georges Schaeren, and taking their name from the Spanish word “mido,” which means “to measure,” Mido quickly demonstrated their dedication to quality watches.

If You Haven't Heard of the Mido Brand of Watches You Are Missing OutThe 1930’s was marked with their creation of watches styled after Bugatti, Buck, Excelsior, Peugeot, and Chevrolet automobiles. These watches signified the wealth and status of the wearer, just as the cars did. Mido was driven to compete with other watch companies and produce innovative watches unlike the world had ever seen before. They launched the Multifort line in 1943, and it was a bestseller from the 1930’s all the way through the 1950’s. The watch was a first of its kind – anti-magnetic with a self-winding movement plus built in water and shock-resistance. These were features never before introduced by a watch maker, and quickly set Mido on the map.

Another innovation for the company was Mido being the first to produce unbreakable springs for their timepieces, and in 1954, the company reduced the amount of watch pieces from 17 to 7 with Mido’s new Powerwind system. In 1959, Mido released watches with their amazing single-shell case, making the backside of watches water-resistant as well. They used their Aquadura crown sealing system using a cork to enable the watches to handle severe conditions easily. These innovations were introduced with the Ocean Star watches.

Throughout the years, Mido continued to introduce better watches for all. 1967 brought the introduction of the smallest ladies automatic watch ever, with ads touting its “slender elegance.” In the 1970’s, Mido was striving for innovation in digital watches. Mido’s commitment to always moving forward with making watches easier and more durable for consumers is evident throughout their various lines. The Worldtimer in 1995 introduced the first analog watch with the ability to display the local time-zone no matter where the wearer was located, and the Bodyguard featured an integrated security alarm. The 2000’s featured a number of watches inspired by beauty in our world, including the Dial watch, with the watch’s design inspired by the Roman Colosseum, and the Baroconelli inspired by the subtle design of stringed instruments.

In 2008, the company celebrated its 90th anniversary, and the next year released a series of watches that harkened back to the streamlined look that was popular when the company launched. The 1934 collection, Midfort, was revitalized and renewed to reflect this iconic look in tribute to the sleek styling of the era. Today the company is a division of Swatch, and their watches are sold throughout the world to collectors who recognize the quality synonymous with the Mido name.

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