Top 4 Things To Know About Pawning Mesa Diamonds

It’s diamond time! Just as we have the 3 Rs, we have the 4 Cs. Cut, clarity, color and carat.

Diamond Cut

The first and probably most important trait in terms of how sparkly the look, will be the cut. The cut can be cut too deeply or cut too shallowly, which will both negatively affect the overall look of your stone. The cut needs to be expertly done, exactly right for an ideal look. There are many shapes such as round, square, oval, pear and so on but these shapes are a matter of preference and not necessarily value as one or all may be in vogue at any given time. A professional Mesa pawn appraiser knows how to look at your diamond and if it is cut properly or not.

Things to Know About Pawning Diamonds in Mesa

Diamond Clarity

Second is clarity. The clarity is whether or not there are blemishes in a diamond. Just like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two diamonds are alike and every single diamond is unique. They have their own set of natural innate flaws and the level of heat and pressure that hits them when they are in the process of forming are why and how these flaws are created.

This is rated in a level of clarity and the diamonds with less blemishes will usually be more brilliant and far brighter than those without flaws. The clarity is therefore the second “C” and is a key factor in the value of a diamond. So yes the more bling your diamond has the more likely it is to be more valuable.

Diamond Color

The third “C” is for color. How “white” a diamond is. The more colorless a diamond is, the more it is able to reflect light and therefore the more it is usually worth. This is shown in its sparkle and shine and is graded on a spectrum – usually from D to Z with D being the highest and Z being the lowest.

High end diamond rings are in the D-E-F color category and are extremely valuable compared to one that is yellowish and brownish and anywhere from “M” on.

Diamond Carat

Last but certainly not least, is diamond carat. Carats are used to weigh diamonds. One carat is equal to .2 grams or 200 milligrams. The formation of diamonds is rare and even more rare to have large diamonds. Thus the weight is a key part of the value of diamonds. Carats are divided into 100 points which help determine value. A half carat diamond for example is also called a 50 point diamond.

Private Pawn of Arizona is a specialty type of service, not like your run of the mill pawn shop. We will come to our clients for security reasons and privacy reasons and have a professional appraise your item.

When looking at the 4 Cs of diamonds, our professionals look at the cut and see if it is ideal (highest grade) or down the scale all the way to a poor cut. Varying from very good, to good or fair, we have seen it all and we can back up any appraisal with evidence on the 4 Cs of value. Next we will look at the clarity of the Arizona diamond you want to pawn.

Is it flawless? Are there no blemishes using a ten times magnification? These are very rare and are the highest designation. On down to very very slightly included, very slightly included, slightly imperfect and at the bottom, included. A diamond that is lower in value is still sale-able – it is just less valuable than the higher rated diamonds.

When looking at color, we will look at diamonds in the range of D to J, with D being the highest, most colorless diamond and J being lowest.

Finally, we will look at any Mesa pawn diamonds for carat which is weight of course. Instead of dealing with a random pawn shop, trust the expert Mesa pawn brokers at Private Pawn to handle your items with respect and discretion.

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