Laser Treated Diamonds In Mesa — How Is This Procedure Performed and What Are the Results?

Laser Treated Diamonds In Mesa-- How Is This Procedure Performed and What Are the Results?Naturally occurring diamonds are not pulled from the diamond mines looking perfect and ready to be set into a beautiful, sparkling engagement ring or pair of earrings. All diamonds must undergo a beautification process, but some must go through a more rigorous procedure than others.

There are many different kinds of procedures designed to improve the look of a diamond. Laser treatment is one option for improving a diamond. Laser treated diamonds are very common and you have most likely seen them in passing and yet not recognized the difference. This article highlights the laser enhancement process, how it is performed and the expected results.

How Is This Treatment Performed?

Laser treatment, also known as laser drilling, is a procedure where a laser is used to improve the overall appearance of a diamond. In most of the treatment procedures, a small hole is drilled into the diamond with a laser. Once the laser is inside of the diamond, the laser starts to remove inclusions, which are small flaws. The laser can also remove other markings, scratches and undesirable attributes with the goal of producing a more beautiful diamond.

In some instances, the treatment will include an acidic substance, which must be flushed into the diamond to produce the best result. Treated diamonds are diamonds which have undergone these procedures to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

What Are the Results of Laser Treated Diamonds?

The main goal of a laser treated diamond is improved clarity. The laser treatment is designed to remove or mask some or all of the inclusions from within the diamond. This will ultimately create a clearer stone, and one with a smoother external surface. If you look at a treated diamond with the naked eye, you will probably not be able to tell that it has gone through any kind of laser enhancement treatment.

The results of laser treatment are often so good that even the interior of the gemstone seem like they are free of any markings or inclusions. Although the inclusions are actually still there, they simply cannot be seen with the naked eye. Usually the results are permanent and the diamonds appear very clean and shiny to most people who look at them.

Is It Okay to Buy Laser Treated Diamonds?

If you are wondering whether or not you should buy a laser enhanced diamond, the answer generally is yes. When you buy a laser treated diamond, you have still purchased a real diamond. Most lasered gemstones will keep the final results permanently, and no one will be able to tell that you have purchased a laser treated diamond.

The only warning for a buyer is to be sure that the seller discloses that the diamond has actually had prior laser treatments. Full disclosure is always the best policy, even though the seller is not obligated to disclose laser treatment. On the other hand, clarity enhancement by non-permanent methods must actually be revealed at all market levels. Since laser treatment is considered permanent, it does not need to be revealed.

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