The Significance of the Gems That Make Up Birthstones In Arizona

Do you know your birthstone? If you’ve ever wondered what your birthstone is and what it means, here is a handy guide to help you learn more!

The Significance of the Gems That Make Up Birthstones In ArizonaEach month has a gemstone associated with it; many individuals may purchase birthstone jewelry featuring their birthstone, or receive it as a gift. A grandmother’s ring may hold all of the birthstones of her grandchildren. There are even designers that make necklaces with human figures with “bellies” made of birthstones, and women wear these on a necklace to share proudly with the world. This sentimental jewelry is especially prized by mothers and grandmothers. However, birthstones aren’t a new phenomenon, as historians believe the use dates back to Aaron wearing a breastplate of birthstones in Israel, as described in Exodus. The 12 birthstones represented the 12 tribes.

January features the garnet birthstone

Many may think a garnet is deep red, but garnets actually come in a variety of colors. This gemstone stands for friendship, trust, and faith. Garnets were believed to prevent snakebites, stop bleeding, and cure blood diseases.

February features the amethyst

This pretty purple stone was used to protect warriors in battle, guard against evil thoughts and foster business prosperity. It’s associated with peace and royalty. It was worn to fight against drunkenness and disease.

March gives us the aquamarine

This gemstone is associated with courage, love, hope, and youth. It also is believed to help with health. Lore tells of the stone keeping sailors safe and preventing seasickness. Some believe the stone can help rekindle married love.

April has the diamond

A diamond is a symbol of invincibility, courage, and strength. Diamonds are a symbol of betrothal, and this tradition can be dated back to the late 15th century when Mary of Burgundy was given a diamond ring by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. De Beers popularized the engagement ring in America in 1938, convincing men (and women) that a big ring was needed to signify love!

May features the emerald as its birthstone

The gemstone is believed to enhance the brain and eyes. These stones are also associated with fertility and faithfulness. Some believe the wearer can predict the future with the power of the birthstone.

June’s birthstone is the pearl

This is a special birthstone and has several marriage associations, including stability and modesty. These stones are believed to give luck, protection, finances, and love.

July brings us the bright red ruby

The meanings associated with it are diverse and include birth, sex, health, energy, courage, and blood. A wearer can receive good luck and strength.

August has the peridot

The peridot is a gemstone with a long history, dating back to the Egyptians. The stone is believed to be good luck, and a guard against depression. Peace and success may come to the person wearing this stone.

September claims the sapphire

Help with inner peace and spiritual enlightenment is attributed to this stone. Loyalty, wisdom, and serenity come with this stone. It was used by ancient traditions to cure mental illness and rheumatism.

October’s birthstone is the opal

Opal is believed to have the power to enhance inner beauty. It’s also associated with past lives.

November has topaz

This stone ranges in color, but blue is the most known. Topaz was thought to heal ailments, both physical and mental. It’s a stone of creativity, mental health and traveler protection.

Finally, December has turquoise

This stone is associated with attracting love and success. Money, healing, luck and friendship are also tied to this gemstone. Ancient cultures believed it would change color if the wearer was in peril or ill.

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