3 Ways to Detect Fake Gold in Mesa

3 Ways to Detect Fake Gold in Mesa

3 Ways to Detect Fake Gold in Mesa

Here are a few ways that you can tell for yourself if you are dealing with fake gold!
Mesa, Arizona

Gold is one of the most valuable items you can own. It retains its value even in times of crisis. In fact, it is often the only valuable commodity during a financial catastrophe. When the dollar was nearly worthless during the Great Depression, many traded in gold.

Buying gold is a great way to diversify your portfolio and grow your net worth. Of course, gold also looks beautiful, and it is a popular choice for jewelry. However, because gold is so popular, it is also a prime target for counterfeiters. You have to learn the signs of fake gold so you can protect yourself from making a poor investment.

Shopping at reputable retailers and Mesa pawn shops can help you find quality gold. Pawn shops only buy or sell gold that has been inspected for its authenticity.

Here are a few ways that you can tell for yourself if you are dealing with fake gold:

Carat Stamp

Real gold will be marked by a small stamp indicating its carat. Take a look at your wedding ring right now: You’ll see a small stamp that says 14k, 18k or whatever other carat the gold is. The stamp is very small and can be easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it.

On jewelry, the stamp is usually on the inside of the ring band, the clasp of the necklace, the back of an earring or the back of a brooch. On gold coins or gold bars, the stamp is usually found along the edge.

The stamp is a good way to distinguish white gold from silver also. Though white gold can look like silver, only white gold will have the stamp.


Yellow gold will not fade with time. The color will look just as rich 50 years from now as it does today. The gold may need a polish to make it really shine, but its brilliance will not dull.

White gold may fade a bit, so this is a harder benchmark to use when you are shopping for white gold. However, if you are looking for yellow gold, you can easily tell whether it’s authentic by the richness of its color.

Reactivity with Magnets

Many counterfeiters will put a gold coating on another metal, such as steel. You can easily tell this gold is fake because it will attract a magnet that you hold nearby.
Is your gold real?

Real gold will never attach to a magnet. If you want to know if you’re dealing with the real thing, just bring a magnet with you while you’re shopping and see if the two are attracted to one another.

Of course, the best way to be sure the gold you are buying is authentic is to shop with a reputable dealer. Private Pawn is a top pawn shop with a reputation for carrying quality gold and other precious metals and stones. We buy or sell gold, offering competitive prices whichever side of the transaction you are on. If you are looking to pawn gold, we also offer great prices and low interest rates. Whatever your gold needs, we can help you. We trade in gold jewelry, coins, bars and more. Stop in to our Mesa pawn shop today to learn more or call us for more information.

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