How To Care For Your Heirloom Jewelry In Mesa

Heirloom jewelry and vintage jewelry is special to individuals who understand the artistry and history a piece might hold. Heirloom jewelry is sentimental because it has strong family history, and may have been passed through generations. A piece of heirloom jewelry may be a great-grandmother’s wedding ring or a brooch. Vintage jewelry is jewelry that comes from estate sales, antique sales, dealers and other resellers. Many collectors love vintage jewelry because of the variety of designs; some pieces may have designs that indicate the era of the piece, such as an art deco flourish.

Care Process:

Step One

If you want to keep your fine jewelry in good condition, have a jeweler examine necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other pieces regularly. They can ensure the settings are tight, and check the condition of clasps, strings, and other elements. Bringing your jewelry to a jeweler will help you repair needed items, and lets you get your pieces cleaned appropriately.

Step Two

How To Care For Your Heirloom Jewelry

Heirloom jewelry requires good storage. You should store all fine jewelry carefully, with pieces separated, to help prevent damage or tangling. You can keep items with stones in zipped baggies, to reduce the possibility the stone will be knocked loose. An elegant jewelry box lined with velvet or felt can store jewelry sufficiently, as will a soft cloth bag.

Beaded jewelry requires extra care, and should lay flat. Bracelets or necklaces with silk cord need this because silk may stretch over time. You should consider heat and moisture when storing jewelry. Heirloom jewelry needs to be stored in a cool place. Jewelry exposed to moisture can suffer from verdigris, a green or blue tint that can form on copper, brass or bronze.

Step Three

When cleaning jewelry, avoid harsh chemicals, alcohol, bleach, acid or ammonia. You should always choose a cleaning product that is made for certain jewelry types. Once you’ve finished cleaning jewelry, always be sure to dry it thoroughly before you store it. If you put jewelry away while a piece is even slightly wet, your item may damage. When drying, choose a soft cloth, and not a paper towel, as the rough surface can leave scratches on delicate metals.

Step Four

Caring for pieces with porous stones such as turquoise takes special consideration. You shouldn’t use soap or cleaning solution. Clean pieces with a soft dry cloth instead. If set in silver, these pieces are kept from tarnishing when worn. You can search the Internet for a polishing cloth specially made for jewelry with porous stones.

Step Five

Pearl and opal jewelry needs to be handled with care. Opals are softer than other gemstones, and can chip if you’re not careful when wearing them. Be sure not to let your opal jewelry get hit hard, or it may crack. Pearls are also soft, and hard objects may chip or crack them. You should also avoid getting any substance on your pearls that may cause it to lose its luster, such as household cleaning products, lotions, hair spray, and other liquids. Put your jewelry on after you’ve applied anything to your body, and take care to wash your hands.

Step Six

Diamond jewelry is beautiful and many love to collect pieces with the favorite stone. Because of their rough nature, you should store diamonds away from other jewelry pieces to avoid scratches. Some experts recommend using a jewelry box with soft fabric lining and individual compartments. A soft fabric jewelry pouch will keep your diamonds safe from scratching other stones. Take your pieces regularly to a jeweler to make sure the settings are still secure, particularly if you have heirloom jewelry.

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