Facts About Black Diamonds

Facts About Black DiamondsIn recent years, black diamonds have been the object of desire for diamond fans. These popular diamonds help make a statement and are popping up in rings, pendants, earrings and more. You may have seen black diamond jewelry collections advertised on television or in magazines, however, do you know the stones’ origins?

Black diamonds are also referred to as “carbonados diamonds.” This term originates from the Brazilian Portuguese and is from the mid-18th century. The diamonds received this name because they were similar in appearance to porous charcoal. Black diamonds can only be found in the areas of Brazil and Central African Republic.

Traditional diamonds have been minded and polished since the year 1900, with 600 tons handled total. However, black diamonds are much rarer, and not one has appeared in the mining fields of the world. Black diamonds exist in a different environment than that of a traditional diamond, and do not appear where traditional diamonds appear.

How are diamonds created? A diamond is created when there’s an environment of very high heat and pressure. This occurrence happens naturally about 100 miles underneath the earth’s surface, and the diamonds are harvested from kimberlites. Kimberlites are igneous explosive rocks that are blueish in appearance and hold diamond deposits. Black diamonds are actually formed from a much different process.

The prevailing theory regarding the origin of black diamonds is that the stones come from outer space. This was posited in 2007 by Stephen Haggerty and Jozsef Garai, two scientists from Miami’s Florida International University. The two believe the diamonds arrived on Earth courtesy of an asteroid millions of years ago. Why? Black diamonds contain the presence of nitrogen and hydrogen, meaning they were probably formed in a hydrogen-containing location, such as outer space. The scientists believed a diamond-bearing asteroid hit the then-joined continents of South America and Africa.

The scientists also observed that black diamonds were similar to nanodiamonds, which appear in meteorites. They believe black diamonds originated from a single large asteroid that hit Earth. Nanodiamonds are believed to have formed in supernova explosions, which further supports their claim.

A 2006 published study analyzed the formation of the black diamonds by examining the hydrogen content. The study used infrared-detection instruments and the results indicated that a supernova exploding formed the mineral before the Solar System existed. The diamonds eventually became solid after being formed by carbon-rich “cosmic dust” near carbon stars. They then fell to Earth in a meteorite form.

Diamonds are prized for their beauty, color, clarity and more. These treasures are popular in multiple jewelry settings, and are widely unique. There are several color versions of diamonds, and many of the colored versions are highly sought-after. You can find diamonds in the colors pink, yellow, black, and blue. The rare colors of diamonds are red and purple. Black appears to be the rage in diamond choices, however, these days.

Unlike their counterparts, black diamonds do not sparkle, but are stunning on their own. These diamonds are dramatic, making them popular gifts or even engagement rings. The jewelry made with black diamonds is quite popular, with many jewelers offering unique pieces with these beautiful stones.

Black diamonds have a mythical background, which makes them even more mysterious and appealing. Some cultures attribute black diamonds to “curses,” because of their appearance bearing a resemblance to snakes’ eyes. However, in other cultures, these diamonds are actually thought to bring good fortune. One thing is for sure, if you want to have a unique piece of jewelry, purchase a black diamond.

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