What You Should Know When Buying a Diamond Ring

What You Should Know When Buying a Phoenix Diamond Ring
Buying a diamond ring is often a huge investment. In order to get the best Phoenix Arizona diamond for you and your budget it is important to understand how stone shape affects the diamond’s look. There are eight basic shapes into which diamonds are cut: round, oval, marquise, pear, emerald, heart, princess and radiant.

The first shape, the round cut, is the most enduring classic shape and the most popular choice for diamond jewelry. It produces a lot of sparkle; today’s round brilliant diamond has fifty-eight facets while vintage round diamonds having varying facet counts.

Although round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive, this cut is found in most engagement rings, stud earrings and pendants due to the cut’s ability to emphasize a diamond’s brilliance.

Oval is essentially an elongated round cut diamond that is flattering when worn in a ring. The elongated shape causes the diamond to appear larger in carat weight. This cut is recommended for women with small hands or short fingers because it creates the illusion of longer slimmer fingers.

Marquise cut diamonds are considered sophisticated and elegant. Although the diamond-like shape does sacrifice some of the diamond’s brilliance, its uniqueness causes it to be favored by many. Originally created for Louis the XIV, the shape is considered a timeless classic.

The pear shape diamond is rounded on one end and tapers to a point on the other end. This shape, like the oval, has an elongating and slenderizing effect and it is considered a good choice for ring settings. The Pear cut allows for a range of styles; adjustments can be made to the teardrop shape so that it is wider or thinner than ideal proportions based on individual preference.

The most classic diamond shape is the emerald cut whose trademark characteristics are beveled corners and step facets. Emerald cut diamonds need to have more clarity because the cut causes the stone to be more transparent than other shapes. Like the marquise shape, the emerald cut sacrifices some of the diamonds brilliance and fire dispersion.

However, it is one of the least expensive cuts because it is the most similar to the stone’s natural shape. The most romantic shape, heart-shaped diamonds, are lovely and distinctive with an even shape and a well-defined outline. This shape is commonly used in engagement rings and for Phoenix anniversary jewelry. Heart-shaped diamonds are more expensive and rare than the other cuts because it takes a larger piece of diamond to cut into this distinctive shape.

Princess cut diamonds are a modern innovation. Known for its starburst facet pattern and flat, open diamond crown, this shape is both dazzling and full of sparkle. The princess cut, with its clean, square lines and sharp corners is usually placed in four-pronged or bezel settings. Princess diamonds are recommended for people who like the brilliance of the round cut diamonds, but prefer a square shape.

The radiant cut, another relatively modern shape, was patented by Henry Grossbard in the 1970’s. This cut is distinguished by its square, but angular shape and brilliant cut facets.

Often regarded as an alternative to the emerald cut, it is considered a modified brilliant diamond. Due to its square shape, it is considered to be closely related to the princess cut.

High quality radiant cut diamonds combine the distinctness of the emerald shape and the fire and sparkle of round cut diamonds.

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