Sterling Silver Jewelry Is A Hot Fashion Pick in Mesa Arizona!

Sterling Silver Jewelry is a Hot Fashion Pick in Mesa Arizona
Sterling silver jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry today because it is long-lasting, easy-to-care for, beautiful and can be worn by people who are sensitive to metals. Sterling silver pieces make excellent gifts and are great, fashionable pieces to add to your own jewelry collection. Below we will discuss the terms used to evaluate silver in the jewelry industry, so you can shop for silver jewelry with confidence.

The jewelry industry has standardized terms to describe silver that are used worldwide, whether the product is sold in the US, Canada, Europe or China. First, let us define what sterling silver is; it is a silver alloy, a mix of copper and pure silver, specifically 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The reason that sterling silver, also known as 925-grade silver, is more popular for jewelry than 100% pure silver is that 100% pure silver is too soft and malleable which causes it to break fairly easily. The 7.5% copper in sterling silver hardens the metal and creates a lasting, durable product.

In order to ensure that you are buying actual sterling silver and not a less pure silver alloy you must look for either the sterling mark, or the numbers 925 on the product. These two indicators certify that the piece is sterling silver.

Sterling silver jewelry is a popular choice both because of its durability and because it is often more affordable than jewelry made from other precious metals like gold or platinum. Meanwhile, estate jewelry’s popularity is also on the rise, as people look for unique pieces of jewelry that are no longer made today.

Historically, sterling silver jewelry has been around for thousands of years. However, those ancient pieces of sterling silver did not stand the test of time because sterling silver, unlike gold, tarnishes and deteriorates. However, this tarnish and deterioration can be combated simply by wearing your sterling silver jewelry often. Yet, even if your sterling silver becomes tarnished, it can be cleaned using a simple polishing cloth, or if the tarnish is really thick, a cloth with silver polish.

Benefits of Sterling Silver

Even though sterling silver does not age as well as gold, it still has many benefits. First, silver is considerably lighter than gold, weighing about half as much. Also, sterling silver is more flexible, but less malleable, meaning that it can be shaped into more intricate designs than gold and is less likely to break after being molded into shape. Another benefit is that sterling silver is much less expensive than gold. If you made the same piece of jewelry, one in gold and one in sterling silver, the gold piece would cost five to six times more than the sterling silver piece.

As with many things in fashion, sterling silver experiences varying levels of popularity depending on the era and current fashion trends. However, current fashion trends, which feature an abundance of black and dark colored materials, have caused sterling silver jewelry to rise in popularity because it looks especially striking when paired with dark colors. Based on this and the fact that sterling silver is both affordable and durable, now is a great time to add some sterling silver pieces to your collection.

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