What Are The Requirements To Pawn a Gun?


Everything You Need To Know About Pawning a Firearm In Arizona

Guns are valuable. If you own a gun and you need money quickly, you can easily pawn it and get a few hundred dollars or more (depending on what type of gun it is, the condition, and so on). You can sell the gun outright to a pawn shop also, but if you just need the money but don’t want to lose your gun, you can pawn it instead. The pawn shop will hold your gun while you are paying back the pawn loan, but it will be secure the whole time.

Because guns are regulated, there will be a few extra steps you’ll need to take if you are pawning a gun. Here’s what to expect:

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Preparing Your Gun Before Pawning

You shouldn’t just show up with a gun, slap it down on the counter, and ask what it’s worth. Take some time to prepare the gun. Clean it up, take out any ammunition, and put it into a locked case unloaded. When you bring it to the pawn shop, someone will remove it from the case to assess its overall condition. It is imperative that the gun is not loaded for safety reasons.

Bring Information About The Firearm

Most pawn shops that trade in guns will have representatives who can properly assess your gun. But, just to cover your bases, it’s a good idea to bring whatever information you have about the gun, such as the maker, the model, the caliber, the serial number, and so on. The more information you can provide, the more you can be sure that the gun will be properly assessed.

Bring Proof Of Identity & Residence

You will need to provide a lot of information when you pawn your gun in Scottsdale. To start, you are going to need to show proof of your identity and proof of your residence. Usually, your driver’s license will be enough to cover both. You may also be asked to provide information about your height, weight, hair color, and eye color, and you may be asked to give fingerprints. The information is used to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the gun and that you have not been involved in any crimes.

Bring Your Gun License & Registration

You may also be asked to show your gun license or proof that the gun is registered (if it was). You don’t always have to have a license or to have registered your gun. But if you have a license or have registered your gun, it will make the process much quicker if you bring those items. The pawn shop will make a note of the information and may make a copy of the documents, as well. All of the information will be used to confirm your rightful ownership of the gun. More information will also make it easier to tag and track the gun, in case anything were to happen while the gun is in storage (though that is very unlikely).

Pawning a gun is not a long or complicated process, but you do have to go through these steps in order to be compliant with the law. The pawn shop also has to file certain paperwork when buying, pawning, or selling a gun to remain compliant. Know that you will not be able to avoid these obligations by going to another pawn shop, and attempting to sell your gun privately without taking the right steps could land you in legal trouble. Just show up to the pawn shop with everything you need, and you’ll be able to get the cash in hand very quickly.

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