Best Gold Coins For Investment

Best Gold Coins For InvestmentPhoenix investors are always searching for coins with a better than average return on their investment. Golden coins are the rare coins that are beautiful to look at and guaranteed to hold their value, especially in comparison to other precious metals. Gold coins usually have a higher value than their weight in gold bullion. That means that for investment purposes, gold coins actually outperform the gold market.

The gold coin market is popular all over the world, partially due to the number of countries which issue gold coins as collector’s items or to commemorate significant national events. People love to see a country’s culture celebrated on the national currency. For example, China produces a different Gold Panda coin every year. Canada honors its national symbol with a Gold Maple Leaf, and Australia recognizes its national animal with the Golden Kangaroo coin. The South African Krugerrand has legendary status among collectors, at one point accounting for more than 90 percent of the golden coin market. The Krugerrand is from the South African Mint and depicts the Springbok, which is considered a national symbol of South Africa.

In recent years the American Gold Eagle has overtaken the Krugerrand as one of the most highly sought after coins by investors and collectors. The popularity of the American Gold Eagle is derived chiefly from its beautiful design, which celebrates the iconic symbol of America. With a value backed by the United States government, the American Gold Eagle is one of the strongest and safest gold coin investments available to collectors and investors.

The Beauty of American Eagle Gold Coins

The American Eagle coin was inspired by the Augustus Saint-Gauden Double Eagle, a gorgeous coin that was minted between 1907 and 1933. Coin aficionados consider the Double Eagle to be among the most beautiful coins minted in the United States. The Gold Eagle picks up where that tradition left off, featuring the national symbols of freedom: Lady Liberty and the American Bald Eagle. The front of the coin shows Lady Liberty walking through a field of light, with the torch of freedom lighting her way. This image is a direct homage to the Saint-Gauden. The back of the coin shows a nest of bald eagles. The selection of more than one bird represents the unity of the American nation. The coins are cast using special die to highlight the design details and give the American Eagle a bold shine.

American Eagle Gold Coins Have Guaranteed Value

American Eagle coins are prized for their astonishing value. They carry a guarantee of authenticity that is fully backed by the U.S. Government, being minted from 22-karat gold and stamped with its exact weight in gold and its face value. Under U.S. Law, the gold must come from pure gold bullion mined from the United States. Investors who buy the American Gold Eagle are given the ultimate confidence that they made a valuable investment.

Buying American Eagle Gold Coins

To buy American Gold Eagles, investors should know some basic facts. The coins are not sold directly from the U.S. Mint. American Eagles are available for purchase from con shops, online, at coin shows and from gold dealers. Gold coins are typically worth more than their face value. American Eagles were first produced in 1985 and vary in face value. The smallest value is 1/10th of an ounce, which is equivalent to a $5.00 face value, while the highest is 1 ounce, with a value of $50.00. The U.S. Mint also produces American Eagles minted from platinum and silver.

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