How to Buy Pearl Jewelry in Phoenix Arizona

How to Buy Pearl Jewelry in Phoenix Arizona
Pearls are a classic and sophisticated type of jewelry suitable for both work and more formal celebrations. Pearls pair nicely with evening wear or business attire and can dress up a more casual outfit like a sweater and jeans. Pearls are the official birthstone of those with June birthdays and are an excellent gift for brides and young women.

Although once quite rare and expensive, pearls have become a more affordable luxury. Those looking to purchase or pawn pearls in Phoenix should understand the six characteristics that define the value of a pearl: luster, nacre thickness, shape, surface texture, size and color.

1. Luster — the Essence of Pearl Beauty

Pearls are composed of a fine crystalline nacre that is deposited day after day by an oyster. Light is reflected through those layers and that reflection gives the pearl its sheen.

Translucent nacre creates brilliant reflection and the deepest luster. Pearls with a warm glow and a brilliant even reflection are considered high quality. Those with an uneven or duller reflection are low quality pearls.

Luster also varies by location. High quality Akoya saltwater pearls have a high luster, more so than South Sea or Tahitian pearls. These pearls have a softer, less intense reflection.

2. Color and Overtones

Due to the layered nacre that makes up the surface of the pearl, there are multiple dimensions to a pearl’s color. The main color of a pearl is created by the direct reflections off of the pearl’s surface. The light that reflects off the deeper surfaces of the pearl gives the pearl an “inner” color, which is also known as an overtone. The overtone is more subtle and serves as an accent to the main color of the pearl.

Pearls are often separated into two categories: light and dark. Light colored pearls exist in shades of white, cream and light gold with overtones in shades of pink and silver. The most valuable light colored pearls are white with pink or silver overtones. Dark colored pearls are usually dark grey or black with green or blue overtones. Black pearls are considered the most valuable of the dark colored pearls. When creating pearl jewelry with multiple pearls, it is important for the color of the pearls to match as closely as possible.

3. Shape and Surface Texture

For pearls, the rounder the shape, the more valuable the pearl. Texture is also important in determining pearl quality. The most valuable pearls have a smooth texture and very few surface imperfections.

4. Pearl Size and Necklace Length

Pearl size is the diameter of a pearl. When creating a pearl strand, the pearl size is the range of diameters of all the pearls on the strand. The largest pearls are strung at the center of the necklace which gradually tapers to the smallest pearls. Larger pearls are more valuable; high quality pearls larger than 9 mm are very rare and expensive. The classic pearl necklace has a length of 17-19 inches.

5. Pearl Types

Pearls are created in both saltwater and freshwater. There are three main types of saltwater pearls, Classic Akoya Pearls, Large Exotic Black Tahitian Pearls and Large Golden or White South Sea Pearls. Of these three the Classic Akoya Pearls are the most popular due to their high sheen and affordability. There are also inexpensive decorative freshwater pearls.

6. Pearl Quality

Pearls have four grades: A, AA, AAA, AAA+. The highest quality pearls are AAA and AAA+, which have high luster and few imperfections. AA quality pearls have medium luster and some surface imperfections. A quality pearls have low luster and many surface blemishes.

Where to Buy Pearls

Pearls can be bought in retail stores, local Phoenix pawn shops, online retailers or at online auctions. When buying pearls shop at places that grade pearls, provide certificates of authenticity and offer money back guarantees.

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